4 Tips on Buying Your First Handguns Louisville KY Enthusiasts

When it comes to purchasing Handguns Louisville KY residents will provide several reasons for needing one. Some of them are due to individuals witnessing a criminal victimize someone who is close to them or when they are looking to protect their families. Others attribute the reason for buying firearms due to a shift in their judgment finding it necessary to acquire one.

No matter the reason, here is a guide on what to look into when looking to buy your first handgun.


Purchasing a handgun requires you to go down to the local gun store, choosing the weapon of your choice, showing a photo I.D. such as a driving license, filling the background check form and finally paying for your piece once the NICS gives permission to proceed. Each state has its own procedures and this includes Illinois as well. To check the rules, simply ask your local gun dealer.

Consider Possible Applications

There are many reasons why people buy Handguns Elgin residents need to ask themselves the role or roles they expect the gun to fill. Possible applications include:

Competition and or target shooting


Home defense

Self-defense when outside the home

Consider the Gun’s Action Type

When it comes to Handguns Elgin enthusiasts have one of two types to choose from revolver or semi-automatic.


Are able to hold more than five rounds of ammo in the rotating cylinder located behind the barrel. When the rounds are expended, one must roll the cylinder out to eject spent casings and load each chamber with a fresh cartridge.


Holds the ammunition in a magazine that is inserted vertically into the grip. It is also much faster to load, more concealable and most likely have a manual safety compared to the revolver.

Consider Place of Purchase

At gun shows held by Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) registered dealers sell handguns, you are likely to get a piece at marked down prices as the dealers seek to compete with one another. You will also find a few individuals at the same shows selling their used pieces. However, if you know what you want, you can get a good price even in a gun shop as long as you are paying cash.

If looking to acquire unusual Handguns Louisville KY residents are encouraged to make a specialized order through their preferred gun shop.

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