A Chimney Cleaning Contractor In Baltimore MD Can Help Prevent Chimney Fires

Fireplaces are cozy in a home and require yearly check-ups by a chimney cleaning contractor in Baltimore MD. Water entering the chimney can freeze and crack portions of chimney which will lead to smoke and heat damage. If you do not know when the last time your chimney was cleaned or checked, it’s important to do it as soon as possible. A chimney cleaning and inspection allows everyone in the home to be rest assured their fireplace is functioning and poses no health or fire risks to the family. The cleaning and inspection covers from the chimney cap to hearth of the fireplace.

Wood can leave creosote in the chimney flue. Creosote will accumulate over time to very dangerous levels throughout the walls of the chimney. Eventually, when a fire is lit, the creosote will catch fire in the chimney flue and begin burning the walls. If the chimney liner has any type of crack, the creosote can lodge itself inside the crack and smoke can be seen coming from the chimney walls on the outside. Preventing a fire requires a visit from a Chimney Cleaning Contractor in Baltimore MD.

The first thing that’s performed during a chimney cleaning is an inspection of the chimney. After that is completed, a chimney sweep usually begins at the top of the chimney and works their way down to the fireplace with various brushes cleaning the walls. The inside of the home will be protected from any type of soot or creosote entering the inside with the use of a drop cloths and plastic. Vacuum cleaners may be used to collect debris as its being cleaned from the chimney. Everything inside the chimney and the firebox will be clean of any ashes, soot and creosote or any other blockages that could create a safety issue to the family.

A fireplace can be enjoyed by the entire family with the peace of mind they will remain safe from any type of chimney fire. Yearly inspections are very important to the safety and stability of a chimney. For more information on fireplaces, fireplace inserts, chimney cleaning or inspections, please check out Completechimneys.com.

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