A Truck Driveaway Company is the Best Way to Transport your Fleet

Any company or association with a fleet of work vehicles knows that they are one of the most important aspects of the job. They take the employees where they need to go to perform the work, haul materials and bring equipment to the job site. But what if you need to move a few of the vehicles or transport the entire fleet to another location? If they are company trucks you might be able to have a shipper take them on a trailer to the destination, but if they are concrete haulers, carry hazardous materials or are 18 wheelers, shipping is not going to be an option. The only option to get your fleet where you need it go is by using a reliable truck driveaway company.

What is a Driveaway Company?

A driveaway company will send licensed and certified drivers to your location to pick up the vehicles. They will then drive the vehicles from your location to their destination and give you an exact delivery date of when you can expect them there. You will need to disclose the specifics of the vehicles before the drivers arrive to ensure that they have the proper certifications needed to appease DOT regulations while driving your vehicles. Always verify that the company you use has insurance coverage in case of an accident. Keep in mind that if for some reason the vehicle should break down en route you will typically be responsible for lodging of the driver until the vehicle can be repaired and the trip can resume unless other arrangements are made.

Picking a Reputable Driveaway Company

When you trust a company with your company vehicles you need to research their procedures. Ask them what kind of background and driving checks they perform and what is deemed as unacceptable for hire. You don’t want people driving your trucks that have past experience of DUI, reckless driving or licensing issues. Most truck driveaway companies will provide you with a complimentary quote so that you have a grasp on what the cost is going to be. Cheaper isn’t always better. Search for customer reviews both on their website and elsewhere to see what kind of complaints may have been filed on their drivers.

When searching for truck driveaway companies make sure to get a quote from ATC Driveaway. They are a nationwide company that specializes in company vehicles.

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