Advantages To Choosing The Rosemount 8732

When it comes to selecting an integral or remote mount magnetic flowmeter, the Rosemount 8732 is considered a top of the line choice. This is a heavy duty system that includes a transmitter and a sensor. It is designed to measure the flow rate of the conductive fluid as it passes through the magnetic field that is developed within the flowmeter.

The Rosemount 8732 is specifically the magnetic flowmeter transmitter in the system. It is used to provide power and drive the coils that are located opposite either side of the sensor that is installed in-line.

As the transmitter supplies the power to the coils, a magnetic field is generated. This allows the change in voltage from the flow to be detected by electrodes, providing a very accurate measurement of the flow rate through the system.

Mounting Options

The Rosemount 8732 transmitter can be mounted using two different options depending on the system. One is to use the integral mount option, and the other is to use a remote mount. Either can be used effectively, which allows significant flexibility in setting up the system.

Various Liquids

The 8732 transmitter can be used with four different types of Rosemount magnetic flowmeter sensors. This includes a flanged and flanged high-signal option of a sensor. Additionally, there is a wafer-style magnetic flowmeter sensor as well as a sanitary sensor that can be used in beverage and food production lines or other sanitary processing applications.

Positioning Options

It is possible to use these magnetic flowmeter systems in any type of application approved for use with the specific combination of sensor and transmitter. In general, avoid mounting the transmitter where there will be direct sunlight on the transmitter. Additionally, if there is a risk of freezing, avoid installing the transmitter integrally with outdoor systems or when temperatures are not controlled with an indoor setting. Finally, also with the integral installation, avoid high-vibration pipes. For these three options use the remote mount configuration, which protects the transmitter from these extreme types of environmental conditions.

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