Avoid Disaster By Hiring a Chimney Sweep Service in Annapolis MD Before Fall and Winter Holidays Arrive

When people think of holiday disasters, they probably think of arguments breaking out among family members or a main dish that didn’t turn out well. They may think of problems that can occur due to cleanup after meals and large numbers of people in the house, such as issues with the plumbing. A scary episode also may happen if the family decides to use the fireplace for the first time in a while and didn’t realize that chimney needed cleaning by a chimney sweep service in Annapolis MD. A chimney fire could start in that circumstance.

Having a Chimney Sweep Service in Annapolis MD clean soot, tar and creosote buildup, and any other debris from the chimney, is crucial before starting that first fire in autumn or winter. As the sweep cleans the structure, he or she inspects it thoroughly and makes sure there are no problems. If any flaws have developed, such as a crack, the homeowner will be informed and the opportunity to have the flaw repaired will be offered. A company like Complete Chimneys offers chimney inspection and repair service. Check out Completechimneys.com for details.

Yet homeowners may forget to schedule an appointment or keep delaying. Then Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas approaches, along with crisp outdoor temperatures. They become eager to start a fire in the fireplace and decide that getting the chimney checked and cleaned isn’t necessary. That can lead to a serious incident involving the fire department, the homeowners insurance company and a need for chimney repair. In many cases, only the chimney is damaged, but some situations rapidly go out of control.

A chimney sweep contractor can’t stop people from other inadvisable actions, such as hanging decorations that drape down too close to the fireplace area for safety. The sweep can’t monitor families and make them clean the ashes from the fireplace regularly and to only use dry wood, which burns hot and doesn’t cause as much creosote buildup. But this individual can prevent chimney fires by making sure the structure is in excellent working condition before cold weather sets in and the family starts longing to have a lovely, crackling fire creating warm coziness.

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