Battling The Flu, It’s Not Easy

There are a few common illnesses that really knock you for a loop, influenza, or just plain flu is certainly one of them. Flu test supplies are often needed to determine the exact nature of the disease as it is the result of a specific virus. The symptoms of flu, regardless of the strain are similar; bad headaches, sore throat and coughing, body aches and fatigue. If the flu is not treated, it may lead to something worse such as pneumonia.

The very young and the elderly seem to be more susceptible to flue than young people and middle age adults. Even that sector that often escapes the illness can be overly susceptible if their immune system is weakened or they are currently suffering from some other medical issue. One of the best ways to combat the flu is to have a strong immune system, here are a few ways that may help you defeat the worst ravages of the flue.


Most doctors have sufficient flu test supplies on hand to handle his patients during what is called “the flu season.” The human body wants to fight off any invasion when unwanted organisms are spotted. Your doctor will be the first to tell you that when your body is subject to flu, the immune system goes into high gear and a lot of the body fluids are used off during the fight. While you are fighting the flu, drink at least eight glasses of water daily just to maintain the fluid level that is necessary for other bodily functions over and above the flu. There are some people in the medical field that will suggest that their patients consume water equal to 2/3rds of their body weight, expressed in ounces.


Any mucus that forms in your upper respiratory system must be cleaned out, the mucus expelled. The mucus is the carrier of the disease and if it hardens and finds its way into the lungs, the next step is pneumonia.

An effective way to loosen the mucus so it can be expelled is by steam. If you are suffering from the flu, get a steamer and keep it running in your bedroom.

Continue to eat normally and take supplements. Make sure your diet contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; they contain antioxidants that are needed by the immune system. To know more,


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