Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Procedures

Laser hair removal is one of the most efficient procedures to date. This procedure is quite popular among the ladies who have issues with unwanted hair growth on their upper lip, chin and legs. But aside from those little concerns, there are people with bigger issues about hair growth – those with hair growing rapidly and abnormally in places they shouldn’t be growing on.

Today, you can find a lot of clinics and salons offering this procedure. Laser hair removal in Los Gatos is very popular and you just need to canvass for the right prices and find credible doctors to administer the procedure. So before agreeing to the procedure to be done, gather opinions from 2 or 3 doctors and find which one is more qualified and suitable for you.

Laser hair removal has numerous advantages and there are many reasons why you should opt to have it done:

1. The pain is minimal compared to plucking, waxing and other follicle-traumatizing procedures you would do to get rid of your hairs.

2. The effect is long-term. This will give you more time to do other important things than removing hair.

3. This procedure is not limited to a certain gender or age bracket. Men and women of all ages can opt for this procedure.

4. This procedure can be done on any part of your body and face. There are no limitations.

5. There is absolutely no damage on the skin surface when this procedure is done; unlike traditional methods, this procedure is less invasive.

6. The light emissions range from infrared to visible light making it non-carcinogenic.

7. Ionizing radiation is not emitted, therefore, the heating affects only the epidermis and it doesn’t go deeper. It is non-teratogenic.

8. Folliculitis can be resolved by this procedure.

9. It softens and smoothens the skin. This is achieved when the light stimulates the collagen in the skin.

10. This is the ultimate solution for women with hormonal imbalance which gives them a lot of unwanted hair in places where they don’t want to have them. This definitely beats the use of hormonal correction medication that may cause a lot of undesirable side effects.

There are actually three types of lasers that are being used for this procedure: the diode, rube and alexandrite. The diode is the most effective of the three and is endorsed by many universities and clinics world-wide. This laser heats the melanin without causing any damage to the skin. But because of its efficiency, the procedure using this particular tool would cost more.

The end result of this procedure depends on your response to the treatment. Be sure to check on various Laser Hair Removal clinics in Los Gatos before making your final decision. It’s always best to be informed and this gives you a better chance of getting the treatment at a good price.

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