Benefits Of Routine Inspections Of Roofs And Gutters In Huntsville AL

Experts suggest having the roof of your home inspected at least once every four years, providing the weather is relatively mild during that time. If spring brings about a number of unusually strong storms or winter delivers large amounts of ice and snow, more frequent inspections are recommended.

Over time, the structural integrity of your roof may wane and cause gaps in the shingles and the framework. Even a barely noticeable gap can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Moisture seeping in around these small openings can saturate insulation and other components, leading to mold and wood decay. These gaps also allow heat and cold to enter the home, driving up energy bills. Such damage inevitably leaves your home vulnerable to more extensive storm damage as well.

During an inspection, professional roofers assess the shingles and underlying materials and flashings, or joints where the roof meets the chimney and walls of upper levels of the home. They will also examine any exterior ventilation ports. Moving inside to the attic, they will look for signs of leakage, such as mold, rusty nails, damp insulation and decaying beams. The roofers will then consult with you regarding any repairs that may be necessary.

One element homeowners often fail to consider is the gutters surrounding their roof. Gutters Huntsville AL help protect your home by safely draining precipitation away from the roof and walls. If those gutters are clogged or damaged, water tends to flow upward onto the roof and down into the walls, possibly seeping underneath the shingles and siding. Faulty Gutters Huntsville AL can lead to mold growth within your walls. Not only does this issue have a negative impact on your roof, it can also lead to cracks in the foundation and flooding of your basement.

Roofers cover Gutters Huntsville AL during their inspections. They ensure the gutters are not sagging or pulling away from the roof, examine seams and make sure there are no obstructions preventing proper drainage. Repairing issues with your gutters may be as simple as cleaning them out or as complex as replacing the entire gutter system.

Homeowners can expect to pay around $300 for a routine roof inspection, but having this done can help to avoid thousands of dollars in damage stemming from undetected problems with roofs and Gutters Huntsville AL.




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