Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Mundelein

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Dentistry

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Many people want to have those perfect and white teeth. Not only are they appealing to look at, they also are treated to remove the bacterial infections that may occur after teeth not taken care of. Getting your teeth that way in one dental procedure is teeth whitening, which you can very much engage in if you take a visit to your dentist. You should know how it works, though, so you can get a clear picture of when the actual procedure happens. It actually involves a simple polishing and coating process that you must maintain. Of course, who wouldn’t want to maintain their oral health with pearly whites that attractive?

Polishing of Teeth and Isolation of Mouth

The first part of your teeth whitening in Mundelein is the polishing of your teeth and the isolation of the mouth. Polishing is done with pumice, a certain grainy-like material that removes plague on the surface of your teeth. This makes sure your teeth is clean before the whitening process. It is important that your teeth remain dry throughout the process, which is why your mouth is isolated with a gauze or even retractors. Likewise, a barrier along your gum line is placed so that the whitening solution does not leak.

Coating of Teeth

Next in line for your teeth whitening in Mundelein procedure is the actual coating of your teeth with whitening solutions. These are bleaching agents that are very useful in getting that white color you desire. Depending on the dentist, it may either be carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Be wary that these are very corrosive on skin, so make sure you stay away from these reagents. These are added either in whole to be left for around 45-60 minutes or in increments leading to an hour. Your teeth are then rinsed with water. Sometimes, even a fluoride application is used to ease sensitivity that some people face.

Maintenance of your Teeth

Lastly, in your teeth whitening in Mundelein process, you must maintain it through proper dieting. This involves avoiding pigment-containing food and beverages for the first 24 hours. These include coffee, tomato sauce, juice, red wine, or any food or beverage with significant color. You want to avoid them so that your enamel pores close to prevent staining that could occur with these food or drinks.

The first part of your teeth whitening in Mundelein is the polishing of your teeth and the isolation of the mouth. For more information, log on to North Suburban Dental today!