Buying and Selling Auto Parts Used in St. Louis MO

Used car parts provide benefits to sellers and buyers alike. If you have an old or wrecked car to get rid of, selling it to a scrap or salvage yard for parts can allow you to recoup some of your losses and to keep metal and poisons out of the landfill. When buying used auto parts, you’ll save a substantial amount of money in most cases. Car repairs can be expensive, and new car parts can often cost more than the installation itself. Finding a good used part can save you both time and money whether you install it yourself or hire a professional.

Buying Used Parts

You may be surprised at the wide selection of Auto Parts Used St. Louis MO on the market today. Almost any auto part can be reused if it’s in working order. Parts like hinges, windows, windshields and lights can be significantly cheaper than their new counterparts. Engine, chassis and suspension components can be bought through salvage yards for a fraction of the cost of new parts. Before ordering a used part, there are some things to consider. Even though buying used parts can save you money, buying the incorrect part can be costly in more ways than one.

Know your vehicle’s make, model and VIN

Know the part number of the component you’re replacing

Know what was wrong with the old part so you can ensure that the new part doesn’t have the same problem

Ask if your part has been reconditioned. In many cases you can find used parts taken from a new car that was involved in an accident.

When you find Auto Parts Used St. Louis MO that fit your needs and budget, it’s up to you to decide if the purchase is worthwhile. Replacing a taillight lens or mirror with a used piece makes financial sense, but parts which wear out over time (such as brakes and alternators) are good deals only if they’re nearly new and significantly discounted. Buying and/or selling used car parts is a good choice, as long as you ask the right questions, do your research and use common sense.


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