Car Accessories Can Make Life Easier

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Automotive

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When most people think about car accessories, they tend to think about things like spare tires, window decals, and steering wheel covers. The truth is that there are all sorts of car accessories on the market that will make traveling more enjoyable that you probably haven’t even thought about.

If you have children, you already know that even short trips to the grocery store can be a headache inducing experience. Kids get bored easily and always seem to want you to entertain them. Things like a portable DVD player and some handheld games can make the trips a little more relaxing for everyone. Another thing that can really help, especially on longer trips to vacation spots or visiting relatives who live out of state, which will make the trip a bit more enjoyable for everyone will be something like a family size warmer and cooler. They’re perfect for snacking. The fact that your kids will have plenty to eat while you drive also speeds up the trip and makes traveling less expensive because you won’t have to constantly make snack stops. Most parents have found that they tend to stock the cooler/warmers with healthier food choices than they’d pick up while on the road.

Early morning commutes can be especially tedious. It’s not natural to have to be driving before the sun comes up. Worse of all, no matter how large a thermos you have, you never seem to bring enough coffee with you. Car accessories like a smart car pots can eliminate the problem. They plug directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and have an auto shut off, making them safe. While you drive you can cook up some instant coffee. In addition to using the smart pots to make instant coffee, many drivers have also used the pots to cook up some soup or hot chocolate for themselves. In addition to being nice for early morning commutes, the smart pots also come in handy for cool sporting events, like late autumn soccer games.

It’s fun to go to things like air shows and parades, but during the summer months, after your car has been parked in the sunshine for a few hours, trying to get inside so you can go home can be a brutal experience. You feel like a baked potato. This will be another area where perusing some car accessories can be a huge help. You can pick up a sun shield for your windscreen. Not only will you find that the sun shield helps lower the internal temperature so you don’t have to run your air conditioner just to get in your car, but it also blocks the UV rays, which goes a long way towards keeping the interior of your car looking nice for a long time.

Lane Car Products has a wide selection of interesting and useful car accessories, which will heighten the amount of enjoyment you get during your daily commutes.