Checking and Ridding Your Home of Termites

Some homeowners take care of making sure that their homes do not have any of the familiar pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, and others; fewer, however, consider the possibility of termite control in Fresno, CA. Termites are insects that resemble ants but are actually more closely related to the cockroach. They have the ability to digest cellulose, which they get from wood but which can also be found in paper, carpet, and other materials used in construction, such as rubber, sealants, and soft plastics.

Termites infest homes in swarms and can cause substantial damage to the structure of the house. One of the features that termites have is their ability to exist in a home pretty much unseen and undetected until it is too late, and the evidence of their presence is manifested by damaged structures. Termites live underground for the most part, so if you do not see them (as you might mice, or quickly scattering cockroaches, or a line of ants climbing a wall) that doesn’t mean they are not there.

Carl Rand of Fresno discovered that he had a termite problem so extensive in his home that it either had to be totally refurbished from the inside out or torn down. This was devastating news. In the end, the house was torn down, and he financed a new one to be built on the same land, but this time with termite control in the form of barriers to prevent termite infiltration. “This was a real lesson for me,” Rand says. “Somewhat symbolic too, how such small a creature can over time create so much chaos.”

It is important for Fresno, CA homeowners to conduct termite control inspections at least once a year. Mud tubes on the walls of your home are a sign of termite damage, and if you spot flying termites outside, chances are they may be inside, as well. Call a professional for termite control in Fresno, CA for a consultation and possible extermination, as well as to assess the damage that has been done to your home. Termite control specialists in Fresno, CA are usually educated regarding different species of termites, how to assess for infestation, and the safest ways of exterminating them or keeping them from entering your home at all.

If your house is found to have been infested, the usual procedure is to destroy the colony with insecticide before taking further action to seal and protect the home from entrance. This is usually done with baits that are not as toxic as other methods, small feeder stations that have toxins which slowly poison the insects until they are exterminated.

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