Choose the Right Welding Supplies in NYC

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Business and Economy

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Welding remains one of the most important careers in the country. The process of welding, at its most basic, is joining two pieces of metal permanently. Supplies for a welding project really depend on what the demands of the job include. To determine the Welding Supplies NYC of a job, one must understand the various types of welding and which type is better suited to the given situation.

The most common types of welding include MIG welding, Arc welding, gas welding, and TIG welding. MIG welding is the most widely used type of welding. Mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, as well as other thin metals are primarily joined with MIG welding. This type of welding is often seen in the automobile industry. Arc welding is the most basic type of welding, and this process usually joins heavy metals. Commonly called stick welding, this type is the easiest to learn. It is also typically used for home uses and by farmers. Gas welding, or oxy acetylene, combines oxygen and acetylene gas to create a flame. This type of welding typically deals with maintenance, cutting of gas metal, or brazing softer metals. TIG welding, derived from Tungsten Inert Gas, produces the highest quality results. It is generally used when the appearance of the weld matters a great deal to the project, or when using a metal thicker than aluminum. It also takes more time to complete and is more difficult to learn. The type of welding machine will depend on the project one is doing. No matter the type of welder one needs; however, all types of welding are risky and require basically the same safety equipment. Every welder needs safety welding equipment including helmets, gloves, leather jackets, and depending on the situation, a breathing apparatus.

Different types of welding jobs require different welding machines. The function and type of metal will dictate the needed machine. The needed Welding Supplies NYC for a project will basically include the machinery necessary and the safety equipment needed to keep one safe. The first step when choosing Welding Supplies NYC is to determine the type of welding needed. Once that is complete, one should choose a welder for that type of welding and make sure that they have all the safety equipment necessary.