Choosing a good welding school

As welding is a hands-on trade, the ideal welding school should provide exactly that, plenty of opportunity for hands-on practice with all the different welding apparatus and equipment. The preferable school is one which teaches the most up to date practice using the most up to date equipment. The best schools that provide MIG welding training will be accredited and upon completion of the course, will provide certification. Other factors that will no doubt come into play will be the cost, the duration of the program and the school’s reputation.

Not all of the training will be hands-on although most of it should be. There is a necessity for classroom instruction in subjects such as math, physics and blueprint reading and comprehension. Prior to enrollment, it is always a good idea to visit the school, sit in on a classroom lesson and visit the workshops. If the teaching methods are not what you would be comfortable with, or the equipment is outdated or there are far too many students per welding instructor then this school may not be the one for you.

Accreditation which is the official recognition of academic standards is something to consider. You should talk with the admissions people and find out if the MIG welding training that they provide will result in accreditation by a school recognized by the United States Department of Education.

There are a number of different welding techniques, MIG being only one of them. If you have an inkling of what welding skill you want to focus on, this too will help you select the right school. Many potential employers favor an individual with a specific skill certification, make sure that the school you choose offers this opportunity. There are many community colleges and private schools that offer training under the auspices of the AWS, American Welding Society.

Depending on the complexity of the training that is required, the length of the courses will vary. This time frame may be a deciding factor, especially if you have other obligations that require a continuing income.

When you have completed your MIG welding training you will find many employment opportunities. Most manufacturing facilities demand welders and attending the right school can be the first step on the road to a successful career. is a web site that provides MIG welding training from your home. You will receive a step-by-step guide and a series of instructional videos that will teach you how to weld for fun or profit.


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