Common Automated Voice Response Mistakes to Avoid

Are you finding it increasingly hard to answer phone calls and get work done? Each year, many business owners take advantage of the benefits that come with using automated voice response systems. Implementing these automated phone systems will allow you and your employees to carry on with work as usual without neglecting customers who call in. Customizing the voice response systems you purchase is important. When performing this type of customization, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Having Too Many Menu Options

The last thing any customer wants when using an automated voice response system is too many menu options. The more menu options there are, the longer a person will have to spend on the phone trying to get the help they need. Avoiding these lengthy menus can help to streamline the call-in process for clients and will make them happier with the service your company is providing.

Repetitive On-Hold Messages

Many businesses choose to provide on-hold messages to customers to highlight the various sales and services they offer. While this may seem like a great marketing move, it can be quite annoying for the person on hold. Make an effort to randomize the messages will make this experience better for a client holding for assistance.

Lack of Voice Clarity

When using automated voice response systems, you need to make sure the prompts and messages are clear. If a customer cannot understand the prompts, they will have a very hard time getting connected to the right department. You need to also focus on maintaining consistency when it comes to the tone of voice used and the volume.

Having the volume on your automated voice response too high can lead to the message becoming distorted and unintelligible. If unsure about how to adjust these settings, you will need to speak with the company providing your phone automation programs.

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