Consult A Construction Accident Lawyer In Milwaukee, WI

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Lawyers

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Being hurt while on the job can be an extreme hardship for the injured person and their family. Job sites that are the most dangerous are often the ones that have heavy machinery and large moving parts nearby and this defines most construction sites.

Whether it is a skyscraper being built or a home site under construction, the possibility of a serious accident exists at each moment and safety must always be the top priority for the employer and the workers alike. When a worker is injured while on the job at a construction site, it is of the utmost importance that they or their family takes action as soon as possible to see if there is a legal remedy available to help them with the many expenses their injury will cause.

Consulting with an attorney can help the injured worker and their family to understand their rights and to see if there are insurance policies carried by their employer that will financially compensate them for their many out of pocket expenses that were directly related to the on the job injuries.

Talking to a construction accident lawyers in Milwaukee, WI can help the injured person and their family to more fully explore the choices they may have for a civil suit if one is warranted. For many workers, the workers compensation insurance that is carried by their employer may be only a partial compensation for the many costs they have had to incur due to being injured.

Loss of wages due to hospitalization may require a separate action to be filed and an attorney who has worked with other job site accident victims can help the injured person and their family to exhaust all of the avenues that are open to them for accident injury compensation.

When an attorney agrees to take on a personal injury client, their agreement to accept the client often can be seen as a vote of confidence in the potential the case has to prevail for the plaintiff. The good news for plaintiffs is that in most cases, the personal injury action will be settled through a process of negotiation and no jury trial will ever need to take place. For more information contact Phillips, Cymerman & Stein.