Details on Dental Implants for those who live in Cranford, NJ

For those who are interested in dental implants Cranford, NJ has plenty of options. Implants are artificial tooth roots that are generally used to help support a missing tooth in order to prevent the jawbone from losing density. The procedure is usually a form of cosmetic dentistry since it involves an artificial replacement of a real tooth.

Anyone who has lost a tooth due to an accident, gum disease or any other reason might feel rather self-conscious about the gap. They might not want to smile properly or even talk correctly. As a result of the loss, the bite might even become irregular and that can cause bad effects on other teeth as well as negative eating habits and all sorts of other secondary problems.

Those who replace teeth with dental implants can help provide the strength and stability to their bites that can help them eat any food without having chewing issues. Dental implants can also help the person prevent bone loss from occurring and that can help maintain facial features in the long run.

Teeth are lost for many different reasons including accidents, excessive wear and tear, root canal failures, gum diseases, congenital defects, and even tooth decay. If you think that dental implants might be of interest to you, you will first want to consult with your Cranford, NJ dentist about the process. The consultation will include an examination by the dental professional to take a look at your teeth, gums, and even your bone density. You might have x-rays taken and there might also be some computer scans done to make sure you have enough bone in place to support an implant. The dentist will also determine exactly where the dental implants would go.

Once the initial exam has been completed, your dentist will advise whether or not it is appropriate for you to go through dental implantation to fix your problem. Some people have tissue that is too soft for full dental implants and have to go with another treatment plan.

You will then get details on how long the process will last, how many appointments you will need to have, and what the recovery process will be like. You can even discuss anesthesia options at that time in order to assess your level of comfort with the procedure.

Before you have the dental implants placed with your Cranford, NJ dentist, you will have to have your jaw prepared for the procedure. Once your jaw is ready, the implants will be placed and you will be left to recover from the process. How much recovery time you need from dental implants will depend on how severe your issue was in the beginning. You might see some swelling in your gums and on your face and you may even have a little minor bleeding and bruising, but overall, recovery should not be that painful.

Dental Implants Cranford, NJ If you have lost teeth due to an accident or any other reason, contact Westfield Oral Surgery for details on dental implants and other cosmetic procedures.

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