Divorces Are Better Handled by a Family Law Firm in Boone County, IL

Divorce is a word no married couple wants to even hear; however, but it is sometimes inevitable when marital problems become overwhelming. Although it is not required, most people who go through a divorce find it helpful to hire a lawyer from a family law firm in Boone County, IL. Hiring a lawyer can protect a person’s rights as they go through the process of ending their marriage. A lawyer offers a welcome relief from the onslaught of stress that often accompanies divorce.

When a person decides to file for divorce, they need to first visit a family law firm in Boone County, IL. A consultation meeting will allow an individual to discuss the details of their marriage so the lawyer can help them determine the right recourse for ending their marriage. One of the first steps that will need to be taken is for the person to file their divorce petition paperwork in court.At this time They will also have to submit their grounds for divorce.

Illinois is a state that allows both fault and no-fault grounds to be filed. If a fault ground is filed, the one filing for divorce will need to be prepared to prove the ground in court. Fault grounds that are allowed in the state include:

  • Adultery
  • Bigamy
  • Impotence
  • Abandonment of at least a year
  • Alcohol abuse and drug addiction lasting at least two years
  • Attempted murder of the spouse
  • Extreme physical, mental, or emotional abuse

A person should never attempt to pursue a divorce without the help of a lawyer. A lawyer becomes their client’s advocate and works to protect their rights and ensure they can get a favorable outcome. Although hiring a lawyer cannot guarantee any outcome in a divorce case, it certainly affords a person greater peace of mind as they attempt to legally end their marriage.

If you are facing the end of your marriage and would like legal help, you can get more information by hen you call to scheduling a consultation meeting. At this meeting, you can learn your options for ending your marriage so you can be free to start your new future.

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