Do Not Face Criminal Charges Alone! Find a Criminal Lawyer in Bradenton

Criminal charges occur when the authorities believe they have enough evidence to prove that the accused violated the law. The charges will be either misdemeanors or felonies depending on the law broken and the circumstances involved. The consequences for misdemeanors generally involve paying a fine, but felony convictions may result in lengthy prison sentences. According to the United States’ Constitution, all citizens faced with criminal charges deserve adequate representation from a Criminal Lawyer Bradenton.

During arrest, suspects will be read the Miranda Warning. This reading informs suspects of their constitutional rights when charged with crimes. One of these rights includes the right to an attorney. When a defendant is not able to pay an attorney’s fees, the state must provide a public defender. This program is means tested, which means that the defendant’s ability to pay determines the financial compensation paid by the state. Suspects who have the financial means to pay attorney’s fees should request payment policies from any Criminal Lawyer in Bradenton they consider. Criminal defense attorneys usually charge a flat rate for each type of case or by the hours worked on the case. Often, attorneys will request an initial retainer and work from that fund until it is depleted. Once used, the defendant will supply further funds for the attorney to continue to work on the case. Criminal Lawyers Bradenton perform an array of services for their clients during the life-time of a criminal case.

At any point during a criminal case, a Criminal Lawyer Bradenton will benefit the suspect. Having an attorney present even before arrest may be helpful to those suspected of a crime. Following arrest, attorneys argue for bail reduction and ensure that the prosecution actually has probable cause for the arrest to be made. Criminal defense attorneys are aware of consequences for crimes and can negotiate plea bargains should defendants choose to plead guilty at any point during the case. They also represent and protect the constitutional rights of their clients during trial and sentencing, should the defendant be found guilty. Finally, criminal defense attorneys represent clients during the appeals process following a conviction.

Facing criminal charges without representation is not wise. While all citizens have the right to defend themselves, representatives who know the law, are familiar with court procedure, and understand the penalties can minimize the consequences for those charged with crimes.

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