Do You Need New Cabinets in New Canaan, CT?

by | Jul 10, 2013 | kitchen appliances

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A kitchen remodel can be a project that completely changes the feel of your entire home. That’s why so many people will start with their kitchen when they start a remodeling project.

There are many areas of the kitchen that will need your attention as you remodel. You’ll need to consider your kitchen’s countertops, floors, appliance and more. One area that can have the most impact on the feel of your kitchen, however, are your kitchen cabinets New Canaan CT.

When considering your cabinets New Canaan CT, you need to decide if you want to refurbish your old ones or buy new ones. There are merits to both options that you’ll want to consider.

Refurbishing Your Cabinets
Refurbishing your cabinets can be done by you or by a professional. This is an excellent way to recycle what you already have and have a lesser environmental impact. However, the process of refurbishing your cabinets on your own can be time consuming, so you do need to consider the time constraints when determining if this is a project that you want to take on. Even if you let an expert do it, it’s going to be less costly than buying new cabinets.

The downside to refurbishing is if your cabinets aren’t made of a high quality wood or a wood that matches your kitchen then you’ll have to paint your cabinets. If you have your heart set on stained wood or a more natural feel, this can take away from that aspect.

Buying New Cabinets
Buying new cabinets means that you can get exactly what you want delivered to your front door and installed in your kitchen by professionals. What’s more, you can reconfigure your kitchen if you buy new versus refurbishing your old cabinets.

However, new cabinets will be more costly. What’s more, if you have an eye on being green, buying new may not fall into your plans.

No matter what you decide for your cabinets New Canaan CT, you’re sure to be happy with the end results. You can remodel your kitchen and make it the showpiece that you’ve always wanted to have.