Dog Bite Questions Answered by Injury Lawyer Atlanta Professionals

by | Nov 9, 2012 | Law

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Getting bitten by a dog can leave you in pain and wondering about any diseases or bacteria that the dog may have passed on to you through their saliva. If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite, you probably have a lot of questions that you want answered. Here are some common dog bite questions answered by your local area personal injury lawyer Atlanta professionals.

Should I receive compensation after a dog bite?
There are two types of compensation that you can typically sue for following a dog bite, but only if you can find the owner of the dog. The first type of compensation is for your medical expenses. You should go to the emergency room if the dog bites you and breaks the skin and you should also follow up with a physician following your initial treatment. These can be major expenses and you should be compensated for that. Many times, the owner will agree to pay for those expenses without going to court. But if you want to pursue it even more, you can also sue for emotional trauma and suffering. You can either settle this dispute out of court or take it to trial if the dog owner or their insurance company refuses to pay.

My dog bit someone and I received a demand letter. What should I do?
Demand letters are not legal documents and, as a result, they are not enforceable. In fact, a demand letter doesn’t accurately reflect the amount of the damages. You can contest a demand letter if you feel the amount is exorbitant or if you don’t feel you should pay. You should also find out if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers dog bites to other people. Either way, you should contact an injury lawyer Atlanta specialist to handle the case for you to make sure your assets and your rights are protected if the case goes to trial.

Do I have to report the dog bite to the authorities?
In most cases, you are required to report all dog bites. However, if the incident occurs with a familiar dog, such as a family member’s dog or a friend’s dog and it has been vaccinated properly, it is not essential. Just be sure to get medical attention for your own safety and protection to ensure that it didn’t pass along anything that is going to cause harm to your body.