Easy Tips For Pet Grooming in Alexandria, VA

As a pet owner, you love your dog but you probably don’t always love the way he looks and smells. The simple fact is that dogs love to romp and play and get into all kinds of messy trouble, leaving dirt and mud throughout the home as well as all over his coat. It can be quite a challenge to keep your pooch in pristine condition, but with these simple tips from experts in pet grooming in Alexandria, VA, you take steps to make it easier to keep fido neat and tidy, which makes it easier to clean out the accumulation of dirt from his daily play time. Investing a small amount of time and effort now can save you a significant degree of hassle and frustration later.

The best way to begin keeping Rover in top condition is to begin with a professional grooming. The groomer will give him a thorough bath and treat any problem areas like itchy skin with specially designed shampoos to help minimize the irritation of these conditions. After bathing and drying off, your pooch will get a pet pedicure – it may sound silly, but it’s really just a matter of the groomer clipping Rover’s nails so that they are no longer ferocious talons that click and scratch your floor, but instead short and trim to minimize any damage to furniture (and humans). Depending on the length of your dog’s fur as well as the current season, the groomer may recommend cutting or trimming his coat in order to make it easier to maintain and keep him cool in hot weather. Once the official grooming session is over, your responsibility begins. Make a point of brushing your dog at least once every day, preferably in the morning and again at bed time so that he begins and ends the day with untangled and dirt-free fur. If he gets muddy or dirty outside, it’s much easier to remove dried debris from a coat that isn’t tangled or twisted.

With these easy pet grooming in Alexandria, VA tips, you can be sure that your furry friend will stay gorgeous and healthy with a shiny coat. Take the time to take care of him, and you definitely won’t regret it. Contact us for same day appointments!!

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