Enjoy Your Stay: Staffers from Small Luxury Hotels in Manhattan Give You the Inside Scoop

For many of us, travel is a very practical and utilitarian pursuit. When we have to go to another city on business or visit family across the country, we book the most cost efficient transportation and accommodation in an effort to get to our destination and back as cheaply as possible. This becomes such a habit that we forget how to enjoy the simple luxury of staying in an elegant, high quality hotel. You can learn how to make the most of your hotel stay, however, with these easy tips from staffers at some of the best Small Luxury Hotels Manhattan. These insiders have the scoop on amenities, deals and more, and their advice can help you better appreciate your next hotel visit.

One of the most fantastic parts of staying in a hotel is the fact that you don’t have to clean, straighten up, or cook while you’re there. Without the burden of daily household chores, you’re free to sleep late, take an hour-long soak in the bath tub, and have your meals brought to your room. While you may have other responsibilities that require your attention during your stay, such as work or family issues, chores are not one of them. Depending on the hotel you are staying at, you can typically expect your room to be equipped with a coffeemaker as well as a mini-fridge and mini-bar that are stocked with all kinds of snacks and treats. Most people caution about exorbitant charges for mini-bar usage, but we all deserve a little luxury from time to time, and one chocolate bar or miniature-sized bottle of liquor is not going to break the bank. Another perk of luxury hotels is that they often have a concierge on staff who can help you get tickets for the best events in town. Even if there isn’t a formal concierge, there’s always one person who has her finger on the pulse of the town and knows how to get you into the hottest scenes.

Everyone needs a reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment once in a while, and taking a break at a luxury hotel can be just what you need to clear your mind and center your thoughts. With numerous amenities and advantages, these upscale accommodations meet your every need and then some to provide you with the most relaxing and pleasurable hotel experience of your life.

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