Epicuren Skin Care Facials Can Improve Your Health

If you’re like me, it’s likely that you’ve always thought the facials you receive at your local beauty parlor or spa was nothing more than an indulgence, something you treated yourself to whenever your spirits needed to be buoyed or you wanted to reward yourself for a job well done. While it’s true that facials feel really good, you no longer have to feel guilty the next time you request one.

Dermatologist want you to know that in addition to making your feel special, Epicuren Skin Care facials are also great for your physical health.

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to split your lip or cut your face, you know exactly how much those wounds bleed. Even though you can’t see them the way you can when you look at your hands, you face has all kinds of veins and blood vessels lurking just under the skin. The better your facial circulation, the more your face seems to glow. Massaging the skin with Epicuren Skin Care encourages better circulation. Not only will this give you a nice glow allowing you to reduce the amount of makeup you have to use, but it also encourage new skin cells to grow and helps tiny injuries to heal faster. In addition to massage your face, make sure you also use Epicuren Skin Care under your jaw and on your neck as well.

If your prone to high blood pressure, you need to make getting a weekly facial, either one done by an expert at a spa or one you do on your own, a weekly priority. This simple thing could extend your life and maybe even reduce the amount of medications you need to manage your blood pressure. When you massage Epicuren Skin Care into your skin, you reduce eliminate pressure from the muscles. This prevents clots from forming, reducing the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

There are all kinds of lymph nodes in your neck. As you age, or if you have certain health problem, it’s possible that the lymph nodes won’t drain the way their supposed to. Not only will the pressure become uncomfortable, but poorly draining lymph nodes can also create additional health problems. Warmth and massahttps://twitter.com/SkinLAcomge can help clear the blockages and encourage the lymph nodes to work properly. Be gentle, don’t ever apply any type of heavy pressure. If you don’t feel better after the facial, contact your doctor.

The next time you have a cold, you shouldn’t reach for your sinus relief pills right off the bat. Try giving yourself a facial first. By massaging certain pressure points to key areas where congestion builds up, you can relieve the headache. Using steam at the same time will also help open up your nasal passages and make you feel better.

Men and woman of all ages will find the Epicuren skin care products they need to do their own facials and maintain healthy skin at Skin L.A.

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