Factors to Consider when Starting a Dog Day Care Falls Church Business

by | May 28, 2013 | Health Care

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Dog day care is a growing trend in urban settings. Americans spend up to 500million dollars every year on pet services only. The centers vary in prices and services like grooming services with pools and spas and obedience classes. Some centers offer pet cameras to their owners, for them to observe their pets over the internet.

Most of the centers require the owners to fill out questionnaires and show confirmation on the dog’s medical history. This will ensure that the dog is vaccinated from diseases and is also free from them. Many Dog Day Care centers in Falls Church, require dogs to be vaccinated against Parvo, Rabies, Lyme, Bordetella and Corona. Proper care of dogs will ensure big WOOFS!

Factors to consider when starting a Dog Day Care Falls Church service

Just like any other business, a dog day care center requires commitment and determination. Research on other similar businesses and the services they offer.

Find a good location for your center. You can run the business from home, only if the backyard is large.

Choose a name that is appealing. The name should be well known to attract dog owners.

Analyze the space you have and the number of dogs you can accommodate. That should help you approximate the amount of capital you will need.

Get the required licenses and permits for your dog day care center. These are; health permits, fire permit and the business license.

Buy daycare equipment. Equipment includes toys for the dogs to play with. They are mostly available in toy stores. The compound should have a fence to keep the dogs in the compound and for security issues.

Set a little money aside for the marketing of your center. Marketing may range from word of mouth to advertising through the media. Choose the one that will suit your business and one within your budget range.

Ensure that your day care center has enough equipment to provide other services like dog walking, grooming and boarding facilities. Also, have a veterinary ready to assist in case of emergencies and for consultation purposes.

All these factors are important as it will ensure the success of your Dog Day Care center Falls Church business.