Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer for Foreclosure in West Chester Township

Being in debt is not a character flaw. It happens to people from all walks of life. However, not everyone can navigate the turbulent waters of bankruptcy and foreclosure. A good Foreclosure in West Chester Township attorney can make all of the difference between sinking or landing safely on the other shore. Here are some tips on how to find the right financial attorney for you.

Check with the American Board of Certification

Financial attorneys do not need to have certification from the American Board of Certification in order to work. However, those that do have proven that they are experienced in negotiating the waters of bankruptcy law. The American Board of Certification’s website features a search engine that can give you the contact information of all certified lawyers in your area. There may not be many, since most bankruptcy lawyers are not certified.

Check with the OSBA

The OSBA is short for the Ohio State Bar Association. Their website is full of information about when you need an attorney and how to go about finding one. Go to their home page and click on the “III. For PUBLIC” tab. You can also contact them for a lawyer referral service. There is often a small fee to use this service. Once you have the names of a few financial lawyers, go back to the OSBA page to make sure they are in good standing with the OSBA.

Go to Your Local Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy courts are good places to find bankruptcy lawyers. At the very least, you can get contact information that will point you in the right direction. Call your local bankruptcy court for the names and phone numbers of lawyers in the area. Keep in mind that courts do not recommend specific lawyers. All they do is give out contact information.

Interview Prospective Lawyers

It is best to have a face to face interview with a lawyer before you decide to hire him or her. You should bring all information and paperwork pertinent to your case for the lawyer to look over and see if you really do need to file for foreclosure or bankruptcy.

If you have any more questions about foreclosures or bankruptcy in West Chester Township, please contact Dean Snyder Attorney At Law.

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