Finding Inspiration in Today’s Business World

People often wonder how successful people find that success. Others find that “success” is not a simple concept that applies to only one portion of life. Does success mean only building a large balance in a bank account? Or, does success mean embracing a life that is more complex? The answer is different for different people, but there is a general acceptance by an increasing portion of our population that life (and success) encompasses more than just money.

Just about every day there are articles about individuals that we view as being successful that are going through trying times in their business or personal lives. Does that mean our concept of success needs to be reevaluated? Does it mean that having a big house should not be an indicator of success? Since it takes a substantial amount of money to purchase that big house or expensive car, those things are indicators of success, but those indicators should only be a part of the model commonly called success.

Perhaps finding a role model that defines success a little differently should be a priority for everyone. Neil Camenker Life, for example, provides a model that includes a fuller definition of success. Camenker includes other aspects in his model of success. While his model may not fit with everyone’s ideals, it does reflect a model of life that includes a rich list of items that not everyone sees as important to achieving success. Family, reading, exercise and travel for pleasure are parts of his vision. These elements do not directly add to the bottom line on an financial report, but they do serve to radically improve the quality of life.

When viewed holistically, these elements of life can, however, serve to increase that bottom line. That stance can be supported simply because our physical and emotional well being is important in the enhancement of attitudes needed to succeed in business. Neil Camenker Life and other examples of success in business can and should be models for budding entrepreneurs to follow. Knowing that true success in life encompasses more than simply building a large bank account is critical to a long term successful career. Everyone needs inspiration, and people like Neil Camenker fill that role.

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