For Clogs and Stoppage Lakeland FL Should Call in a Plumbing Expert

One of the greatest services offered by a professional plumber includes the clearing of clog and Stoppage Lakeland FL homeowners should take advantage of these services to ensure a stress free plumbing system. Although these problems may sound simple, they can cause quite a bit of trouble for you and your family no matter the location of the clog. For this reason, you should depend on the services of a professional plumbing firm in Lakeland FL to not only clear the blockages but also fix any other issues that are an impediment to achieving an efficiently running plumbing system.

Common Causes of Stoppages

Improperly adjusted fill valve

A toilet stoppage most often occurs when an improperly adjusted fill valve is installed in the tank. A few years ago, toilets contained about 3 gallons of water, which was enough to flush solid waste through bends and curves of the toilet and down to the drain. However, in an effort to save on water, an important natural resource, new toilets are now required to use not more than 1.6 gallons. This presented a challenge to most toilet manufacturers, who stepped up and improved on their designs, making it easier for solid waste to go down the drain. These improvements included making the flapper and flush valve in the tanks much larger enabling the use of the 1.6 gallons of water.

Throwing non flushable down the drains

Today, it is quite common to see things thrown down the drain other than toilet paper. In order to ensure that the item you are about to flush down is ok, it is vital to carry out a simple test. Hold the object under running water from the faucet and if it dissolves, then it is good enough to flush. If it does not dissolve, it is important that you do not throw it into the drain. Hence, special care has to be taken when getting rid of ‘flushable’ baby wipes since they tend to be stuck on one of the bends of the pipes slowly accumulating causing a host of problems including stoppages.

Considering some of the causes of toilet and drain Stoppage Lakeland FL residents should therefore, contract the services of a professional plumbing firm. The professionals will always carry out thorough inspections to remove any potential materials likely to block your drain system.

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