Four Reasons to Use a Trade Show Exhibit Rental

Exhibiting at a trade show is a great way to make your presence known in the industry, interact with customers face to face and gather leads. Here are four reasons to consider a trade show exhibit booth rental for your next exhibition.


Any booth larger than a 10×10 will require some significant storage. Even some of the more elaborate 10x10s require storage. When you own your booth, you have to pay for or accommodate storage solutions in between shows. Doing so can become costly and, at times, inconvenient. Renting your exhibit eliminates the storage challenges altogether.


If your company values trade show marketing enough, they may want to have a new look to the booth each year. Oftentimes, that means disposing of the old booth. Rarely will you be able to sell exhibit pieces that have been specifically branded for your company so the “new and improved” requires the “old and outdated” to find its resting place in a landfill. Rental exhibits are created and used in such a way as to minimize waste and maximize reusability.


A trade show exhibit can be a significant investment. You want to get the most use for your money so often you try to use the same set-up for multiple shows. There are a couple of problems with this. First of all, you may have different booth sizes at different shows. Exchanging components and making sure all the right pieces arrive in the right place can be a logistical nightmare. Secondly, if you exhibit at the same show year after year, the same exhibit can begin to be viewed as a re-run.

Keep it fresh and flexible with a trade show exhibit rental. Whether your booth is a 10×10 or a 40×80, a rental exhibit can be chosen accordingly. Also, it is easier to update the look of your booth with a rental when all you have to pay to change are the graphics and branding. It keeps your booth looking current without exponentially increasing your costs.

Try It on for Size

By opting to use a trade show exhibit rental, you are giving yourself the opportunity to take new exhibiting products on a test run to see what works best for your needs and what doesn’t. Some companies will offer a rent-to-own option too. Renting the exhibit lets you see how easy or difficult it is to set up and whether it will require labor help. You can make a more educated decision.

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