From Baby Gifts to Games: Tips for Throwing a Great Shower

Although pregnancy has its ups and downs, no one can deny the amount of fun an expectant mother gets from her baby shower. From friends, to food, to games, to prizes, to (of course) baby gifts, it can be a whirlwind day of laughter and delight. If you’ve offered or been asked to throw a close friend or relative a baby shower, you should be honored to share in the special occasion! Now, how to make this a day to truly remember?

Consult the mama-to-be: to ensure that the day is everything mommy wants it to be, you should meet with her a few times before the shower to hammer out the details. Has she been craving breakfast food for the past eight months? Why not make a yogurt bar or brunch buffet? Are there any shower games she’s played before that she would love to make an appearance now that it’s her turn? Does she have a favorite theme in mind?

Diaper (or book) raffle: What about putting together a great prize package to raffle off? The catch is, a guest only gets a ticket by bringing a bag of diapers for baby. Or, if you’d like to boost baby’s library, why not have guests bring their favorite board books to redeem for tickets instead?

Games, games, games: as long as mama to be has a sense of humor, throw some games in there! This way, the guests can have just as much fun as the woman of the hour. From belly measuring to mommy or nursery rhyme trivia, the options are endless. One way to keep everyone engaged when baby gifts are being opened is to give everyone a blank bingo board and have them fill it in with ideas of what presents may be unwrapped. Whoever gets bingo firsts wins a prize!

Make it easy for the mommy: You can do several things to guarantee that mama isn’t inconvenienced in the least. Give her a comfy place of honor and somewhere to put her feet up. Refill her water whenever she needs it. Get her a plate of food. Finally, a thoughtful addition could be to buy some thank you cards and envelopes and have guests fill in their addresses when they arrive or leave to lessen the burden mama has of sending the notes out.

Have fun making a day to remember for mama and baby both!

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