Garage Organization Tips

Too often the garage becomes a discombobulated catch all storage area for miscellaneous items. Cleaning supplies, painting materials, car maintenance products, lawn care tools and power tools all get thrown in the garage. Without organization, all of these items would just mingle together in no particular order. Finding what you need in that sort of mess is impossible. Here are a few ways you can organize garage to make retrieval of your property easy and efficient.

Hanging Wall Solutions

Wall panels open the door for other storage solutions in your garage that would normally not be available to you. You can hang up you power tools, weed eater, sporting equipment, fishing poles and whatever else you want to get up off the floor. In addition to hanging your gear directly on the wall via hooks, you can also purchase shelving units, tire racks and various other accessories for hanging all of your equipment in an organized manner.


Hanging walls are supreme organization solutions, but not everything can be hung on the wall. For all of those other items, you may want to consider some sort of containment unit with drawers. Tool boxes, work benches and plastic bins are worth looking into. Garage cabinetry doesn’t have to be a huge production like in your kitchen or elsewhere. There is metal cabinetry available that arrives preassembled and ready to be screwed into the wall. You will want to make sure that you screw and anchor the pieces to your wall studs and ensure that the materials can handle the weight you intend to put inside.

Overhead Storage

For outdoor adventurists it can be hard store all of the gear needed for these activities. It is easy to install overhead storage for those big bulky items that take up a lot of floor space. Hang your bikes, kayaks, hangliders or rafts from the ceiling. This will allow your floor to remain clear of unnecessary clutter, while providing protection for your valuable assets.

You may be pleasantly surprised just how many items you can store in your garage while retaining use of your parking space. Reclaiming your garage as a usable space is easy and simple. All you have to do is install the proper organizational products and sort out your belongings for a clutter free garage.

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