Getting a Good Deal on Heating Oil in Mystic CT

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Oil and Gas

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Several Heating Oil Mystic CT dealers offer heating oil programs that allow consumers to purchase heating oil at a fixed cost, whether the price went up or down. Overall, this type of buying option is beneficial to consumers. The programs are typically offered in the off-season for heating, which means the demand and price is low. The trend is for prices to go up when winter demand spikes. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes prices reach highs in the spring, but drop in the winter, yet the customer has already agreed to pay the higher price.

One option can give the benefits of such a Heating Oil Mystic CT program without too much risk. A package that offers downside protection changes when the market does. If the price goes down, so does the price for the customer’s preordered heating oil. These programs often use caps on the price that the customer pays.

Buying heating oil in advance can be a gamble. Just like those who speculate in the trade of commodities such as oil, the normal consumer wants the best price. However, there are risks to any gamble involving set prices. The downside protection costs the customer some, but it offers stability in an often unstable market. Some may compare the situation to buying insurance. A consumer can choose to forgo the expensive catastrophic illness coverage by betting he or she will not need it. Buying oil in advance is betting that the price will not drop any time soon. Playing it safe has costs, but so does taking risks.

The price can be paid upfront to secure the heating oil contract, or upon delivery. Some vendors may be willing to spread the payments out over time. Most homes that use heating oil have a tank on the premises. Perhaps you need it filled once a year. Or, the vendor can arrange monthly deliveries or as needed. Speak with local vendors to discover the best options for your budget. Many are more than willing to be flexible with their terms and the pricing /delivery options that are available for this necessary commodity.

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