Getting the Best Bail Bond Company Takes Some Precautions

When a person is arrested it is very important that they fully understand all of their rights. For one thing, the “one phone call rule” is not true. While a person is being booked, they are allowed to make as many phone calls as necessary. Of course, there may be some restrictions set as to how long a defendant can remain on the phone per phone call, but this rule is usually set in place so that others may make their own phone calls, as well.

When a person is being booked they have ample opportunity to call for all of the financial help that may be needed in order to secure the payment for the posting of bail. This could be from a friend or family member. If these options are not available, then the defendant can then call a company for a bail bond in El Reno OK. They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and can usually get a person released from jail in just a few short hours, regardless of the time of day.


Before hiring a company for a bail bond in El Reno OK, a defendant needs to first check a few things in order to be sure that they are dealing with the right agent. For one thing, the defendant needs to check that the agent is a licensed bail bond agent in the state of Oklahoma. A defendant can just ask to see the bail bond agent’s license to verify that they are indeed a licensed bail bond agent.


The defendant needs to also inquire about the rates that will be charged for the bail bond. In the state of Oklahoma, just like all other states, the fees that a bail bond company can charge are regulated. For ten percent, the defendant just needs to say “no, thank you”.

Also, when agreeing to help from a bail bond company, the defendant needs to make sure that all receipts are itemized to show all charges. The defendant must also make sure that he or she receives a copy of the agreement from the bail bond company. In particular, if there are financing agreements made, this must all be done in writing and not through any verbal agreement with the bail bond company.

These are just a few of the tips that a defendant should know. They need to understand their rights as well as protect themselves from any potential predatory practices. Most bail bond agents are very trustworthy though as the industry is heavily regulated in the state of Oklahoma. Contact Connie Holt Bail Bonds LLC to get more information!

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