Good Carpet Cleaners Have Options in Oahu

There is more than one way to clean carpet. Hot water extraction and dry foam cleaning are two common methods used by professionals. Testing each method is the only way to decide which one is better. Water is better at removing thick stains, and dry foam is better at breaking up stains. Once you choose the right method, keep up with an annual maintenance schedule. Look for several, custom solutions as you look for Carpet Cleaners Oahu.

Hot water extraction cleaning is a popular, highly effective method that involves cleaning with water. Professionals use a mixture of water and detergents to remove dirt. It is also called steam cleaning because a lot of steam is released from the machine. Many professional cleaners say it is the best method, but it does not work on carpets that are weak or faded. Good professionals will evaluate the carpet, recommend the best cleaning products and remove all residual soap or water.

Dry foam cleaning is similar to the hot water version. A foamy solution is whipped up and applied to the floor. The solution sops up a collection of dirt and debris that is removed with a vacuum. Since water is not used, the carpet dries faster with fewer risks of mold and water damage. Overall, the cleaning process is safer when foams and powders are used. Pets and children are better able to tolerate a floor that has not been saturated with detergents. Some fibers shrink or weaken when excessive hot water is used. Dry foam cleaning is a gentle, effective technique to use in any home.

All carpet cleaning methods take time and effort. There are advantages and disadvantages of each method, so it is important find a trusted cleaning company. The main point is that carpet cleaning is needed by countless homeowners. You can run a vacuum over the Carpet Cleaners Oahu or buy a wet vacuum, but it takes time to do a good job. Busy, employed people need the assistance of professionals. Choose the right company, and make sure that your home or office carpet lasts more than a lifetime.


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