Got Bowed Walls in Washington PA? Hire a Waterproofing Contractor!

From a leaky, damp bathroom to a finished basement with Bowed Walls Washington, PA, a waterlogged home is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. If you are dealing with cracked floors or walls, you need the help of a licensed waterproofing contractor. Below is information on the methods used to solve waterproofing problems, and the situations for which they are most effective.

Start at the Source :

If you see water in your basement, it is coming in from the outside. The first step to a dry home is to determine how the water is coming in. Check your downspouts, gutters and other drainage to ensure that water is being diverted from your home. The soil around your foundation should be graded to encourage water flow away from the exterior of your home. Preventive maintenance can help you to avoid costly repairs and basement waterproofing.

Shop Around :

Hiring a waterproofing contractor is a substantial investment. Minor repairs cost less than $500, but complex jobs can cost up to $20,000 depending on the size of the affected area. It is important to get competitive quotes from companies that evaluate the interior and exterior of your home. For more information visit us at Engineered Foundation Solutions, PLLC

Waterproofing Solutions :

The type of waterproofing solution used by your contractor depends on the construction of your home. In many cases, a multi-faceted approach may be necessary. Below are some of the methods used to waterproof homes:

Crack filling:

This approach is only used where the water is coming from the walls and not the floor. If your foundation is made of masonry, this approach may not work as well. Injecting materials like polyurethane or epoxy can keep water out, but most contractors see this as a temporary fix.

Excavation waterproofing:

Here, the soil is excavated to a depth of eight feet. Drainage is corrected through the installation of drainage tiles or other solutions, and the contractor will typically install a waterproof membrane to the surface of the exterior wall. Due to the excavation required, this is the most expensive method, but little ongoing maintenance is required.

No one likes to deal with Bowed Walls Washington PA, but water intrusion is quite common in some climates. If you are dealing with a leak, do not try to fix it yourself-;call in a waterproofing contractor for guaranteed service.

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