Hair Replacement Options: Hair Extensions Scottsdale are Idyllic

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Beauty

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Anyone suffering from thinning hair or baldness could benefit from the use of hair extensions Scottsdale of various types. These hair replacement options allow you to choose between human and synthetic options to cover up thin or flat hair. They also add volume and length to your hair in an instant for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Among the most popular, options are heat or cold fusion, clip-in, skin weft, and micro-bead choices. Each of these extensions allows for you to choose the type, color, length, and style of your preferred hair. Human hair allows for the most freedom when it comes to styling and maintenance than synthetic. However, synthetic is often a more affordable option, especially for limited use of these extensions.

Clip-in extensions are removed daily and allow the user the option to reattach them to hair whereas the other choices are semi-permanent. Cold and heat fusion extensions are similar in style the difference is the methods used to apply them. With the cold options, the stylist bonds, the extension with the use of an ultrasound device without applying heat. Like heat fusion, the colder choice utilizes keratin, wax, or glue-based adhesives. The heated version utilizes a flat iron to bond the extensions to the natural hair. The cold fusion choices are considered less damaging than the heat-applied ones and tend to last for months longer. They also withstand styling and maintenance better than heat fusion options. Discussing these options with a stylist is advised before utilizing either product. Skin weft and micro-bead hair extensions services in Scottsdale are bonded utilizing different methods. With skin weft or tracks each section is placed close to the natural hair line and bonded utilizing either a glue or tape adhesive to secure them to the scalp.

Micro-bead extensions are threaded through a tiny metal bead. The areas of the hair that connect to the extension is situated within the beads and then secured inside it with small pliers. Each option is versatile and allows the user to style the hair; however, they wish. The micro-bead options are reusable as there is not any adhesive applied to the extensions. Both are available for synthetic or human hair extension choices.