How are Lawyers Using Custom USB Flash Drives to Find New Customers?

Can you imagine what it’s like to be a law firm in today’s economic climate? Not only is there less money to go around, but it’s all being eaten up by a few select firms that have size and history on their side. For many of you this isn’t something you need to imagine, but is a stark reality. Being a successful lawyer has never been so difficult. As such, now is the time to seize on any marketing opportunity that will give you an edge over the competition. Perhaps the best such opportunity can be seen in the humble USB flash drive.

USB flash drives have become a part of our daily lives. We use them for everything, from business to pleasure. Using it as a marketing tool seems bizarre, and yet it’s an excellent business strategy. If someone gave you a USB flash drive, would you use it? What if it was apromotional usb flash drive with the name, number, and logo of your law firm on it? The answer to most people is yes, and that’s where the ingenious part lies. Everyone uses USBs, whether they be lawyers or clients. No-one questions their use. So putting a subtle advertisement to be used by you or another lawyer in your firm cam be a great little marketing ploy. But that’s not all, you can also hand them out to potential clients. But just what are the benefits to a marketing stunt like this? Well there are two main advantages to this depending on the approach you take.

The first is a sense of brand recognition. It’s basically reinforcing the idea that this company is who you are, so that the client is more likely to remember you. When a lawyer sits down with a customer and pulls out a USB flash drive to look through some files, there is a valuable opportunity to reinforce brand recognition. Many people simply think all law firms are the same, and might struggle to remember any given law company they used. But if you reinforce the brand of the company by having their USB flash drive labeled where they can see the name during their entire encounter, they are more likely to remember that it was that company that helped them. As the company helped them efficiently once, they are more likely to return if they need legal services again.

The other benefit can be seen when you hand out USB flash drives to potential clients. Rather than being about brand recognition, this is more about product placement. A USB flash drive is portable, useful, and something everyone uses. If you give one out for free, it is incredibly likely it will be used extensively. This means that every time the client uses the promotional usb flash drive for something, they will see your name and logo. Most of the time this will have little effect on the client’s day to day life. However, when the client runs into legal trouble, or when they need to recommend a legal company to someone, the name on the USB flash drive will be in their head. They will think of that legal company before they think of any other one, which will be a great boon to any business.

Though USB flash drive based advertisement may seem like a strange concept, it is definitely effective. Whether you wish to use it to get clients to return or get fresh clients into your law firm, it will work. It’s incredible how something so inexpensive can produce such money making results.

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