How to Compare Heating Oil Prices in Groton, CT

If you heat your home with oil, then you are no doubt aware just how expensive it can be. In order to keep your energy costs low, you owe it to yourself to determine the best way to compare prices between the various vendors in your area. This can help save you money and ensure that you have an affordable and dependable source of heat to keep you and your entire family comfortable all winter long. Arm yourself with the knowledge to make a decision that will save you money and keep your furnace running smoothly. Here are three tips to make comparing prices between vendors simple. Make sure you use them to help you make the best decision.

Price Per Gallon

The first and most obvious price to compare is the price per gallon that the company charges. This is the most advertised price, and is the most readily available. While it may be your first instinct to go with the company that charges the lowest price per gallon, there are other fees that can add up to make a vendor more expensive. Find out the average price for your area, so you can see which companies provide the best price for your needs.

Delivery Fees

Most companies charge a fee in order to compensate themselves for the delivery of your fuel. While this fee can be a one time lump sum, some companies will charge a nominal fee for every gallon of oil that you order. Make sure you know which fees you will be charged before placing an order so you are not taken off guard.

Emergency Surcharge

If you run out of oil and need to have an emergency delivery, then you may be charged an additional fee. This fee can range in price, but you will be expected to pay it at the time of delivery. Make sure you ask about any emergency surcharges before accepting delivery of oil.

With a little work, you can find a company that will provide heating oil at the best possible price. Don’t let fees swallow your hard earned money. Make sure you compare Heating Oil Prices in Groton, CT so you can find a vendor who will provide affordable and dependable service.

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