How to enjoy the most popular Chicago massage

by | Jul 4, 2013 | Health

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The most well known massage and the most popular in the US is called Swedish. If you have never had a massage, this is a good one to start with. If you believe you can take more pressure and a little discomfort, then a deep tissue massage is also a good choice.

Swedish massage as well as all other forms of therapeutic massage is given by therapists trained and licensed. A Swedish massage is usually slow and gentle, using long strokes and circular motion. It can also be vigorous – the choice being up to the patient as well as the therapist.

A Swedish massage is based on anatomy and physiology whereas Asian styles work on the concept of meridians or energy pathways. Most people opt for a one hour Swedish massage but desired results can often be achieved in less time.

What happens when getting a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is done with the aid of massage oils or lotions. The massage therapist lubricates the skin and makes various strokes which warm up the muscles, breaking up “knots” and releasing tension. Swedish massage when done by a skilled therapist promotes relaxation, reduces tension and anxiety and improves circulation.

Prior to the Chicago massage, the therapist will inquire if you have any conditions or injuries that he or she should be aware of. You will want to point out to the therapist where you have pain or tightness. At this time you can instruct the therapist, telling them whether you prefer and light or hard massage.

Once the massage therapist knows what you want, you will be instructed to lie on the massage table, either face up or down under a sheet. You then prepare yourself for the massage and the therapist will return to the room when you are ready.

When you have a Swedish massage you undress to the level of your own comfort, lying under a sheet. During the Chicago massage the therapist only uncovers that part of the body that is being worked on. Your privacy and level of comfort is always respected.

The Chicago massage therapists at Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center are highly skilled in many different massage techniques including deep tissue, myofascial, pregnancy, neuromuscular and more.