How To Find Experienced Wrongful Termination Lawyers In Houston And Understanding Your Rights

You can find experienced wrongful termination lawyers in Houston at Filteau and Sullivan. These attorneys are well-versed in labour and employment laws. This includes laws that apply to unethical business practices in which an employee is treated unfairly. The attorneys will establish the reason behind the wrongful termination and devise a course of action that will enable their clients to return to work and receive compensation for any lost wages.

Wrongful Termination

In cases where wrongful termination is a probability, it is possible that the employee is the victim of additional crimes. For instance, in cases where an employer was sexually harassing an employee, he or she may elect to fire the victim to prevent knowledge of this harassment from reaching upper management. However, in these cases, what the employer fails to realize is that they are simply opening the door to the litigation process for termination and may also face a claim against them for harassment as well.

Establishing Wrongful Termination

In court it is necessary for your selected attorney to prove that your employer went beyond the scope of their rights to fire you. This implies that the employer fired you based on personal beliefs, ill feelings toward you, or other reasons that did not include common and lawful termination probability. For instance, an employee who fails to perform his or her job duties may lose their job based on this failure. However, in court, the employer must prove that this is the case during a wrongful termination case.


You may Find experienced Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Houston by visiting the website of your preferred employment lawyer. These lawyers comprehend the impact the loss of your job has on your life and will fight in court for your rights as an employee.

Your selected attorney will provide you with legal advice that will allow you to make a well-informed decision in your case. This will allow your attorney to lay the foundation for your case and present it in a court of law. If you need to speak to an employment attorney, it is possible for you to schedule a consultation immediately. Visit The Law Offices of Filteau & Sullivan website to schedule an appointment today!

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