Identifying Bed Bugs in Los Angeles

Bed bugs in Los Angeles are not something that just suddenly appears in your home. They need to be brought into your home by a host. The host could be a person, an article of clothing or even an object you bring into your home, such as furniture. Most bed bugs are not readily visible and people do not realize they have them in their home until they start seeing visible bumps or suffering from other symptoms of bed bug bites. Some people are unaffected by bed bugs and don’t realize they are in their home until it is a widespread problem.

Non-Physical Signs of Bed Bugs in Los Angeles

Homeowners can readily see many adult bed bugs. These bugs have a brown body with a red tint and do not have wings. Even though they are about the size of a small seed, they can still be seen in the crevices of mattresses. Bed bugs that have just eaten will appear larger and have a reddish glow to them, making them even easier to spot.

Besides the actual bug’s body, homeowners might come across the molted skin of the bed bug. If the level of infestation is high enough, anyone can find and diagnosis the hundreds or even thousands of skeleton skins lying on the bed or in the furniture. Bed bugs shed or lose their outer shell five times before they turn into an adult, giving plenty of opportunities to find the skins and call for help from an exterminator before the problem gets out of hand.

Places to Look for Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs can be inconspicuous, hiding in the smallest crevices and corners, it is important to know where to look to determine if you are a victim. Homeowners can search for the molted skins of bed bugs in mattress seams, in the crevices of headboards and along the baseboards. Aside from the skins, bed bugs leave behind tell tale fecal matter in places, such as the mattress seams, wooden structures, including the box spring frame and baseboards, along the headboard and along the edge of carpeting.

Calling for Help

Having a home that is infested with bed bugs in Los Angeles is not something to be embarrassed about or hide. They are not a sign of cleanliness or sanitation. Because bed bugs come in through various hosts, there could be a variety of reasons for your infestation. The most important thing you can do is call an exterminator who is experienced with bed bugs to find all their hiding places and to rid your home of them right away.

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