Inflatable slides are a lot of fun

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Shopping

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People love slides whether they are in the park or in the backyard. Although the old fashioned hard slide is still lots of fun, water slides are more fun again. These slides are showing up all over the place but a kid’s birthday party is still the biggest reason to rent an inflatable water slide. If the birthday is in the summer, nothing goes down quite as well as these slides.

Although there are hard water slides, these are found at the park or a city pool. It is usually not possible to gain exclusive access to these public venues so most people opt for inflatable slide rental. Inflatable water slides are perfect; they can be tall or short, wide or narrow. There are water slides that are best suited for small children and designs which are attractive to teen agers; there are even inflatable water slides that can go as tall as forty feet.

Of course it all depends on the party itself, if it’s a big backyard BBQ with all the neighbors, friends and family; it may be worth renting two slides. Different age groups enjoy different thrills so to keep all party goers happy, rent more than one. Not only can you provide an appropriate slide for the different ages, you can split the groups which gives ample play time for everybody. Companies that offer inflatable slide rental will be the first to tell you that the double chute models are the favorite because it’s possible to have races.

Inflatable slides are a lot of fun, but just wait until your guests start playing with a Slip N Slide®. This is a single or dual lane tube that is constantly kept wet through holes that are fed from the garden hose. The idea is to run and make a head first bouncing dive into the lane. Some of the slides have bumpers at the finish to stop the player; others terminate in a pool of water. Regardless of which version you rent, you can be assured of hours of fun, and not just the kids, adults love this as well.

So, instead of a bounce house next kid’s party, check out the inflatable slide rental products.

A&S Play Zone offer inflatable slide rental. The slides include a dragon slide, single lane and dual lane slides, an amazing 24 foot tall slide and a 31 foot Slip N Slide®.