Investing in Dog Artwork without Going Overboard

It’s normal for pet owners to want to display dog artwork inside their homes. Dogs make people laugh, smile and feel good about themselves. When a dog is raised well, it’s a benefit to everyone it meets. That’s something to revel in and be proud of. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between celebration and adulation. The following tips can help people avoid going overboard.

Buy Commercial Dog Artwork

Most art collectors pause at the thought of buying mass printed pieces. There certainly are appropriate places to display these works, and they can bring a great deal of joy. Something about it just throws off the atmosphere in their homes. The same can be said for dog artwork. While one or two pieces look lovely, it doesn’t look natural everywhere in the house.

There are other similarities as well. One quality piece or a small cluster of quality pieces often looks chic in the right place. Several pieces spread throughout the house usually do not leave the same impression. When dogs are everywhere a guest looks, it can start to look like an obsession.

Focus on Smaller Portraits

Dog owners love to carry photos of their furry friends and often go to professionals to have portraits taken. These look lovely in a small frame gracing an end table. They look creepy when looming from over the mantle.

It’s best for pet portraits to be no larger than a traditional 8-inch by 10-inch photograph. The rules are the same for realistically painted portraits, though more abstract works have a little leeway.

Quality and Balance

Artwork is important for self-expression. Every pet owner can understand wanting to celebrate a trusted, furry friend. Without realizing it, a home’s décor can become overwhelmed by themes, such as dog pictures. Guests don’t have a chance to capture the emotions behind individual displays when there are too many competing for attention.

Pairing down collections can be difficult. Often, an owner has stumbled onto several pieces of art they don’t feel they can part with. Home collections don’t have to be displayed the same all year long, however, and guests and families alike will benefit by rotating dog artwork that’s on display.

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