It’s a Smart Move To Set Up a Credit Union Checking Account Altoona PA

Despite the proliferation of debit cards and the continued high use of credit cards, you likely realize today that a traditional checking account is a necessary financial component in your financial toolbox. While checking accounts offered by a credit union are generally the same types of accounts that have been offered for decades, there are some important changes that make a Checking Account Altoona PA an excellent choice for you.

One of the biggest benefits of having a Checking Account In Altoona with a credit union is the credit union’s typical practice of not charging a monthly fee to its members. Banks today frequently charge a fee that depends on how much money is available in the checking account each day of the month. At specific times of the month when several bills are deducted at the same time, you can rack up some substantial fees. A non-profit credit union is more interested in providing the type of services you need than it is in making money from your account. Likewise, you won’t be charged by a credit union if your daily balance drops below a certain amount, as it often is in a bank’s checking account.

Credit unions have joined the online banking world, and your Checking Account Altoona PA can be accessed via the Internet. You can receive and check monthly statements, transfer money between accounts, pay bills and deposit money and even get text messages sent to your cell phone if your account is in danger of being overdrawn. The most up-to-date credit unions have a Facebook presence and even offer apps for your iPhone.

Other types of services credit unions offer to checking account customers include shared branch banking. No longer do you have to make it a point to schedule a stop by your credit union to withdraw cash or do other banking tasks. Instead, your credit union partners with other credit unions to provide the same level of service to customers of all the different financial institutions. You save money when fees aren’t assessed for withdrawals or other transactions and you save time when you can do your banking at a convenient credit union or even at a store. Finally, thanks to shared branch banking you likely won’t need to find a new credit union when you move. These and numerous other benefits make credit union checking accounts a good financial move.

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