Keep Your Workplace Running by Maintaining Your Commercial HVAC in Minneapolis

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Air Conditioning and Heating

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Whether you are a business owner or a maintenance supervisor, you’re responsible for the parts that Make Up Air conditioning equipment. Retail stores, restaurants and offices should have properly-functioning cooling and heating systems, and customers should be able to step into a clean environment. Healthy workplaces encourage higher productivity, and if you don’t regularly inspect your Commercial HVAC Minneapolis system, a sudden malfunction could mean an interrupted work day.

Preventive Maintenance Prevents Future Problems

What exactly does preventive HVAC maintenance involve? It’s easier to think of it like you’d think of caring for your car: you get your tires rotated once in a while, and you get your oil changed every three thousand miles. These things are done not because your car has a mechanical issue, they’re done to prevent them. Your commercial heating and cooling system works the same way; you should take a little time to ensure that everything works smoothly and that parts needing attention receive it. Below are some common maintenance tasks:

Replace air filters regularly. If your maintenance schedule is properly organized, you already know that filters must be replaced every few months. An AC filter keeps the air indoors clean and allergen-free. Check your filters at your next scheduled maintenance interval, especially if the unit has been running steadily.

Inspect the unit for leaks, which can become expensive if ignored. Checking your HVAC units occasionally is an excellent way to find leaking parts, and you’ll see the difference in your next utility bill.

Clean the condensers. When equipment becomes dusty, it doesn’t work as efficiently as it should. Regularly cleaning the condensers will keep your unit uncontaminated and the air inside your business clean.

Check the control panel. Are all the switches, dials and buttons set properly, and if your unit is on a timer, does it work properly?

Check the belts. Just as with the alternator and fan belts on your car, you need to inspect your commercial unit’s belts regularly, and replace at the first sign of wear.

Preventive maintenance on commercial HVAC units may take a bit of time out of your workday, but it’s better to take the time now than to be forced to take the entire day off when the system breaks down.