Laser teeth whitening: Less painful way for whiter teeth

Despite the futuristic images the terms laser teeth whitening may conjure up in one’s mind; realistically it’s simply a less painful way to whiter and brighter teeth. Unlike more traditional methods of chemical based teeth whitening processes, this procedure is quick and effective. The more proper term for this relatively painless way to a whiter smile would be light activated. This teeth whitening process used by New York oral care providers is done by a special gel being applied to the teeth and then a precisely controlled light is directed towards your teeth to activate the gel and whiten your smile.

While laser teeth lightening is a bit more expensive than other more traditional methods, it is a faster and more precise treatment that, in many cases, can be completed in sixty minutes or less; and they last longer as well. Coffee, nicotine and other stains are zapped and most of the time follow up treatments are not required, depending upon your particular eating and drinking habits. The cost of the laser treatment is offset by the fact that there are no further supplemental products needed and very seldom is the treatment required to be repeated. The cost of the treatment is slowing coming down as the technology and equipment become more readily available.

One other advantage over other teeth whitening processes used by dental clinics is that the extensive hardware required by whitening trays and such are not needed. Also, patients with sensitive teeth can withstand laser treatments easier than the stress that is often endured by chemical based treatments, gels, trays or pastes. The laser whitening procedure is still fairly new but is gaining popularity. It is great for people with busy schedule and patients who choose the laser method don’t have to keep up with additional items to be used at home.

We all want brighter smiles and being able to obtain them without a lot of fuss and muss is an achievable goal that should be within reach of everybody who desires so. That’s why many clinics in New York that specialize in teeth whitening are working towards making the laser teeth whitening methods more readily available so that the cost will start coming down. Brighter and whiter smiles make us more self-confident and more likely to feel good about ourselves. Home remedies don’t tend to be as effective as those procedures performed by oral care experts. For a smile that is whiter, brighter and long lasting, consider having a teeth whitening procedure done by an oral care clinic who can recommend the treatment that would best suit your particular needs. A bright, healthy smile is one of your greatest assets—keep them that way with professional teeth whitening.

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