Learn About Your Faux Painting Choices in NYC, NY

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Home Improvement

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Faux painting is a technique that improves the texture look of walls. It gives the allusion of any surface texture from marble to paper. It differs from other painting treatments because it creates the illusion of a texture. There are many paint colors just like there are many when it comes to Faux Painting in NYC, NY.

There are different techniques that make up faux painting. The process involves combining glaze with paint, applying several layers and varying the brushstrokes to create attractive patterns. It is one of the simplest faux techniques that is easy to fix. The crackling technique creates the look of an old, peeling wall. A crackling paint is used to achieve this effect. Nearly everyone likes the appearance of wood. A natural-looking wood grain is achieved by mixing glaze with paint and using special tools to create the grain. Also, consider applying faux painting techniques on furniture. Turn a dull wood table into one that has a shiny marble surface. The veins are made with the use of a brush and dark paint. Many amateur painters cannot handle these complicated details. It takes time and effort to create a lasting look. Only professionals know how to create the best results.

When you search for faux painters, analyze the skills of these artists by looking through their portfolios. Search for large, finished art pieces like ones that show portraits or whole landscapes. Note the type of treatments used by the artists. Know the specific work they do because they usually do not stray from those specialties. Faux painters either have a history of creating masterpieces or simply follow instructions without providing much depth.

Add life and style to any house with a faux painting treatment. A painted wall is longer lasting than a wallpaper application that tends to peel. Wallpaper is made for many people at once, but a faux treatment is customized to your décor needs. Be assured that your painter knows the details of the project before a payment is made. A wall treatment should be a thoughtful, artistic process that is taken seriously by the right artist.