Learn How to Weld by Avoiding These Beginner Mistakes

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Business Services

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There are many things that can go wrong when you are a beginner welder. Welding with too much power, forming too long of an arc and various other issues can affect the quality of your finished weld. There are some common mistakes that many beginner welders make that can be avoided. By understanding the right way to learn how to weld, you can save yourself from making significant problems during the welding process.

Lack of Preparation
Many beginners fail to adequately prepare the metal surface before starting to weld. Preparation of metal may include removing dirt, grit, paint, and other containments that may lie on the metal’s surface. It’s also important to grind out cracks, even those that are small.

Using the Wrong Gas
Beginners often use the wrong type of gas when performing MIG welding, often inexpensive gas that can produce poor results. While using carbon dioxide may be the cheaper alternative, a mixture of gases is the better option for creating good welding results.

Welding in One Pass
Materials that are over ¼ inch in thickness should be welded in more than one pass. Trying to weld thick metal in one pass by turning up the current and moving slowly over the surface can result in filler metal that is not well bonded to the base metal.

The Wrong Size Gun
It’s important to choose the right size welding gun for the size project in which you are welding. A machine that is too small for a large piece of material will not weld properly. The welding machine should be comparable in size to the welding project.

Adequate Maintenance
For the best welding results possible, it’s important to maintain your equipment. When you learn how to weld, yo
u should also gain knowledge on how to properly maintain the components of the machine, including the wire feeder, liner and contact tips.