Let HVAC Service Improve The Quality Of The Air In Your Home

Most homeowners are aware of the usefulness of HVAC service in Orange County. If they have emergencies with their heater or their air conditioner, they know the service professionals to contact. They also understand that it is often a good idea to perform regular maintenance on their home heating and air conditioning. This can help prevent more costly and inopportune repairs in the future, as well as help reduce monthly energy bills as well.

Besides this excellent HVAC service in Orange County, HVAC firms can also help improve indoor air quality. This is a service that few homeowners use or even know about. This is understandable. How many people sit down in their quiet moments and ask themselves, how is my air quality? However, there are many signs that indicate potential problems with home air quality.

Although a homeowner who pays attention may notice the subtle signs of poor home air quality, often these signs are mixed signals that could be attributed to other causes. For instance, a Mom may notice that her kids are getting colds or other sicknesses more often than normal. She may think that there is something going on at the local school, that she may need to consider taking advantage of free flu shots for her kids, or that she may need to increase vitamin C in their diet. While any of this could be true, an important consideration is that there may be impure air that is responsible for these problems.

The first line of defense for a homeowner is to take full advantage of the filters provided with their HVAC systems. This means changing the air filters every six months. These are easy to find. They will be square grills about a foot in length and width, located in several places throughout the home, generally in ceilings or upper walls.

A second strategy is to use an HVAC service in Orange County to come evaluate the air quality. They will come with particle counters and other devices that can help detect a problem. They are also qualified to recommend a solution, either through the HVAC system itself, or by employing a complimentary system. One of the most useful is the implementation of a humidifier system to maintain the proper relative humidity throughout the home. These provide a similar service to single-room humidifiers available in appliance stores. HVAC experts can also recommend programmable thermostats, UV air purifiers, electronic air cleaners, and fan coil units.

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