Locksmith Manhattan Experts Keep Businesses Secure

Today’s business have a vast array of security features to keep their staff and business secure. The days of just locking the front door and leaving are over for most businesses in New York City. Any Locksmith Manhattan that is providing security for businesses has to evaluate the need for security on a room by room basis. There are public areas that don’t contain valuable or sensitive information. These can be closed to the outside world by just a high-quality lock.

But there may be areas that connect to that area that do contain proprietary knowledge or lots of cash. Often a locksmith will install a numeric keypad lock on the doors. These limit access to employees who know the code. It also reduces the need for them all to carry and remember their keys. When an employee leaves, the business owner only needs to change the combination. It also easily permits the company to easily change who has access to what rooms. This is a great help when a business rearranges its workspace to accommodate changing employee levels or project execution.

Sometimes it’s not enough just to limit access to certain rooms and areas. It’s essential to know who accessed secure rooms and when they did it. In this case, those areas can be protected by sophisticated NYC Locks that require identification cards that have magnetic strips. Each employee will have to swipe the card before proceeding into a secure area. They will also have to swipe a lock to leave the area. This gives security personnel a clear picture of who accessed the area, when they did it and how long they were there. Biometric scanners can be used in place of identification cards. If more information on these areas is required, a closed circuit television network can be installed. It can either be monitored in real time, to stop a security breach as it happens or used as evidence after the fact.

Safes and Vaults both provide an additional layer of security within a room. This is where the most sensitive items or large amounts of cash should be secured. A Locksmith Manhattan will often recommend this set up for businesses such as jewelry stores that buy jewelry as well as sell it. Buying precious metal jewelry requires a great deal of cash. Both the jewelry and cash need to be given added protection.

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